Tips 4 Brisbane

Backpacking Tips for Brisbane


Brisbane is a safe city for backpackers, but like any metropolis danger can lurk anywhere.
We don’t have an entire suburb or a particularly dodgy bar, street or locale that you should make a point of avoiding.  But just like the Jedi teaching “always be mindful of your surroundings”.

Alcohol is always the greatest danger, too much, too soon will always get you into trouble.

Every backpacker loves a drink, but getting drunk in a strange city, in a strange place, is probably the only danger you will come across, so just be careful and you wont have any problems.

Position Position Position

Visiting Brisbane as a backpacker is like finding yourself in an adventure wonderland. There’s so much to do and see, and your every desire is catered for – from quiet strolls along the river to the adrenaline rush of skydiving.

But first as a backpacker, you need to position yourself to take advantage of the best part of Brisbane for a backpacker.
The central city heart of Brisbane is surrounded by the Brisbane river, surrounding the city are the suburbs of , Spring Hill to the north, the Valley to the east, Kangaroo Point & Woolloongabba to the south , West End to the West.

West End to the west is where Brisbane backpackers hostel Somewhere to Stay is located and positioned perfectly for the backpacker.

A good way to get your bearings when you first arrive is to explore the city by foot, by river cruise or by a speedy ferry. Take in the sights and discover why the river is so central to Brisbane life. For a wider view, take a champagne breakfast balloon flight over the city, or join a day bus or 4WD tours. More unusual tours include historic walking tours, specialist art tours with fine food and wine, adventure trike tours, ghost tours and eco tours.

Animal lovers can see Australian wildlife up close at Lone Pine or Alma Park Zoo. For the outdoors types, head out to sea on a fishing charter, or set sail on a sailing tour or cruise of Moreton Bay. And exploring nearby North Stradbroke and Moreton Island’s beaches by 4WD is a must.

First-Time Backpacker Do’s and Don’ts

Every backpacker starts as an amateur so people should not be daunted with the idea of going out to see the world. Travelling is fun once you have everything prepared and a back up plan ready to be executed. Mistakes are part of everyone’s life but here are some do’s and don’ts that people can use in order to make their trips hassle free.

Do Not…. Pack too many things

Most problem people encounter is the difficulty of carrying their packs because it’s too heavy. To avoid this, decide first how many days you will be away. The number of clothes should correspond to the duration and extra ones in case of emergency. Never pack for a month if you are only going for a week, decide on activities you want do to,  know the types of clothing to include. Bathing suit for swimming, sturdy clothes for hiking, loose clothes for sightseeing are some examples of clothing types that correspond to popular trip activities.

After choosing your clothes, separate your toiletries and refrain from bringing a huge makeup kit. Decide between a camera or a video, mp3 player or book, but never bring all. You will be backpacking to see places and use it to pass time so you’ll only need recreational objects during a flight or ride when you are not doing something.

Do Not…. Spend money more before a trip

No expensive clothes, shoes, bags, or a brand new camera. Most common mistake people do is to spend their money before a trip and leave themselves dry during the actual trip. Your existing clothes will suffice, just make sure that it fits the climate of the place you are visiting.

Brand new shoes that are not broken in are not advisable during a trip since it will cause pain and wounds on your feet. Use your current shoes or slippers and remember that you will be there to relax and not enter a fashion show. Spending money before a trip should only be done for necessary items that should be brought to the destination. It will save more money and this will allow you to buy extra souvenirs from the places you will visit.

Do… Research on your destination

Know their destination. Google it. Google will tell you what climate you will experience and what clothes should go with you. Destination also narrows down the possible sightseeing places that you want to visit while you are there.

Create your itinerary, schedule, destination, and most importantly, stick with it. You can also estimate your travel expenses if you know where you are going the cost of staying there, transportation around the place, hotel reservation, and souvenirs. Researching on the destination can also help people know their way around and prevent getting lost.

Do…. Safety health precautions

Emergencies and illnesses can also happen during your trip. It is better to have preventive measures before going and while you are there. Medical coverage and insurance should be prepared beforehand in order to assist you should something bad happen during the trip such as sickness or accidents. Get the proper travel insurance to provide security while you are travelling.

During the trip, always bring a mini first aid kit that you can access immediately. Band Aid, gauze, and surgical tapes are some of the things that you might need to dress cuts or bruises.

Travelling should be a fun and exciting activity for everyone so preparing and protecting  health can assure first time backpackers that they can pull though their trips in one piece.