brisbane backpackers hostel Somewhere to Stay is all about fun…so Just for Fun!!! every backpacker visiting Brisbane should do this.

The best and most affordable day in Brisbane is cruising up and down the Brisbane river in what is known as the Citycat. The Brisbane river runs straight through the heart of the Brisbane city with the Citycat stopping at all major points. The City Cat’s operate daily from 5:50am until 10:30pm at night and embark from many points along the river. Tickets can be brought on board and costs $3.90 for a off peak (9am – 3.30pm and then after 7pm) or $5.20 all day.

CityCat and ferry services

Brisbane City Council operates a fleet of 17 CityCats and nine CityFerries, with another two CityCats to be delivered by the end of 2012.

The Brisbane City Cat is the best way to travel around Brisbane; it’s an excellent way to relax and see the city, especially on days when it’s too hot to walk around.

CityCats run from the University of Queensland(inland) to Apollo Road (near the mouth of the river) and we reccomend all our brisbane backpackers to simply get on at one end and take a cruise up or down the river.

City Cats have a central cabin, for those very few days when the weather isn’t perfect, and open seating areas at front and back for the rest of the year — as this photo shows.

A one way trip up the river takes about one hour and 15 minutes and depending on which ticket seller you get you may also get a guided tour on the way. If you don’t want to sit for the whole hour and 15 then you can just buy a daily ticket and hop on and off at which ever stops catch your eye and see the river and city that way.

Boarding and getting off are easy, the landing stages are designed for all ages to use and the boats, being catamarans, are extremely stable. They are also easy to use for visitors because each boat has a ticket-seller who will help you with directions and your fare. It takes the guessing out of traveling in an unfamiliar city, something other cities with their cost-efficient ticket machines have failed to spot — it pays to cater to visitors. This photo shows a boarding place and cat.

Just hop on our Somewhere to Stay brisbane backpackers free shuttle bus and we’ll drop you off at the Southbank jetty.

Hop on board and enjoy a lazy relaxing trip.