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First there was Eski, and then Scatty…… and then came Cadbury.

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Your home away from home wouldn’t be complete without some fat, lazy cats. Meet our 3 cats – Eski, Cadbury and Scatty. Our longest running guests who still haven’t paid there rent.

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Eski, our cat wandered into our backpackers hostel Somewhere to Stay about 20 years ago as a kitten. When he arrived, he fell into an esky(a box which cools drinks) so the ancients back then decided to name him Eski…..

Ever since his arrival, he has decided to devote his life to eating as much food as possible. If he is not eating, he is sleeping on the reception desk. If he is not sleeping on the reception desk, he is kicking someone off a chair in the lounge room.

Tuna served on a bed of freshly baked cat biscuits is his favourite cuisine.

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We also adopted Scatty(the black cat with white sox). He wandered in about 6 years ago and has never left. He still hasn’t paid his rent.

Scatty is the real man of the house, picking fights with all the other neighbourhood cats, and loves to strut around the hostel when he kills his prey.

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Mid 2010, a naughty black and white kitten wandered into our Backpackers Hostel and decided that she never wanted to leave. Besides causing lots of trouble, picking fights and being a little terror, she won the hearts of everyone staying at the hostel and has never left. She was given the name Cadbury and has since eaten more food than a walrus.

Cadbury is usually found teasing Eski and Scatty, following the staff around the hallways, chasing possums up trees and being mischievous

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