Job Board

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At Brisbane backpackers hostel Somewhere to Stay just ask at reception to get your name on the job seeking list. We get many job calls for workers all through the week!

We have a job board where we post many jobs from construction and laboring to hospitality jobs. Updated regularly.

And the best part is….. Its all free.

Backpackers have changed. It’s almost impossible to even define a backpacker any-more. At it’s very simplest, obviously, it’s someone who travels with a backpack, but the term has much wider meaning than that.

The truly budget-conscious, long-term travellers – the ones who’d sacrifice the creature comforts like food and hygiene in the pursuit of a life on the road.

The modern backpacker is young, old, rich, poor, a drunk, a teetotaller, a lay-about and a committed worker.

That’s why at Brisbane backpacker hostel Somewhere to Stay we take looking for a job for you seriously.

Every day Brisbane jobs are sent to our reception at Brisbane backpacker hostel “Somewhere to Stay” and every day we help backpackers earn the extra money they need to keep on backpacking.