Your west end story starts at Somewhere to Stay brisbane backpacker hostel…….

A Bohemian Cafe Society: Brisbane backpackers can experience dozens of different aromas and tastes, from early morning to late in the evening. Just a short walk from Somewhere to Stay Brisbane backpacker hostel and your faced with streets of shops, cafe’s, coffee houses, fast food, and restaurants.

West End Night Clubs & Bars: at night West End comes alive for Brisbane backpackers, with Pubs, Bars and Night Clubs, from live music and local bands, to quiet corners for a quiet drink.

  • On the catwalk that is the Queensland capital’s fashion scene, Box Vintage is one of only a handful of quirky clothing stores located in West End.
  • The Shire Teahouse is undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets and the ultimate garage for musician.
  • If your into music get into the shire

west end highlights

Brisbane’s best source for vintage clothing.

One of the loudest and liveliest night spots in West End.

This little store has not only a variety of new books but is famous for its interesting a quirky second hand collections.

This exquisite store features the world’s finest fragrances.

Feel good with this unique & delicious real food experience.

eat & drink

vintage hot spots

  • A selection of the newest-release books combined with a backlist of titles that have stood the test of time ensure that the literary offerings.

  • This cute boutique showcases emerging fashion designers.

  • The rich aroma of leather punctuates the air in Shays Shoes, a welcome respite after traipsing the footpaths of Boundary Street…
  • It’s a tale of twisted tomes and second hand books, beneath the cover of a bright blue shop adorned with a gaudy awning to boot…
  • Brisbane’s best source for vintage clothing.